Career Center Instructions and Policies



  • There is a one-time fee of $75.00 to post a job listing for non-members. Members can post as many job posting as they want at no charge. Please contact the home office at if you would like to purchase a job posting.


  • All job listings should be directly related to academic positions in marketing.  Academic administrative positions (e.g., department heads and deans) are not excluded.
  • All job listings should be from academic institutions world-wide.  No job listings from non-academic institutions will be accepted.
  • All job listings should be limited to less than a page in length.
  • All job listings are free to view but require membership or a one-time payment to post.
  • All job listings should clearly indicate the position title, a description of the academic position, and contact information.

Any questions regarding the policy and job postings should be directed to the AMS Director of Academic Affairs (for current contact information please check the officers link).


Contact Information
Academy of Marketing Science
c/o Louisiana Tech University
P.O. Box 3072
Ruston, LA 71272