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Original AMSR (1997-2008)

2008 (volume 12)

Article No. 1 is no longer available.

Understanding Consumer Privacy: A Review and Future Directions by Clinton D. Lanier, Jr. and Amit Saini, No. 2

A Theory of Affective Self-Affinity: Definitions and Application to a Company and its Business by Jaakko Aspara, Rami Olkkonen, Henrikki Tikkanen, Johanna Moisander, and Petri Parvinen, No. 3

Conceptualization of Market Expansion Strategies in Developing Economies by Vasant V. Bang and Sharad L. Joshi, No. 4

Valuing Customer Portfolios under Risk-Return-Aspects: A Model-Based Approach and its Application in the Financial Services Industry by Hans Ulrich Buhl and Bernd Heinrich, No. 5

An Exploratory Investigation of Identity Negotiation and Tattoo Removal by Jeremy A. Shelton and Cara Peters, No. 6

2007 (Volume 11)

Web-Store Aesthetics in E- Retailing: A Conceptual Framework and Some Theoretical Implications by Noam Tractinsky and Oded Lowengart, No. 1

Satisfiers, Dissatisfiers, Criticals, and Neutrals: A Review of Their Relative Effects on Customer (Dis)Satisfaction by Stephen L. Vargo, Kaori Nagao, Yi He, and Fred W. Morgan, No. 2

Exploring Consumer Resale Behavior in C2C Online Auctions: Taxonomy and Influences on Consumer Decisions by Hsunchi Chu and Shuling Liao, No. 3

A Review of the Application of Event Studies in Marketing by Margaret A. Johnston, No. 4


Special Issue on Cross-Cultural Issues in Marketing Research Guest Editorial by John B. Ford, No. 5

Micro-Culture and Consumers’Adoption of Technology: A Need to Re-Evaluate the Concept of National Culture by Lennora Putit and David C Arnott, No. 6

Measuring Consumers’ Luxury Value Perception: A Cross-Cultural Framework by Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Nadine Hennigs, and Astrid Siebels, No. 7

Comparability in Cross-Cultural Qualitative Marketing Research: Equivalence in Personal Interviews by Pia Polsa, No. 8

Please Check the Appropriate Box: The Problems with Ethnic Identification and Its Potential in Cross-Cultural Marketing by Delonia Minor-Cooley and Jeff Brice, Jr., No. 9

Brand Equity Aberrations: Heritage Brand Perception Effects in Russian Markets by Gregory J. Kivenzor, No. 10

Antecedents of Long-Term Buyer-Seller Relationships: A Cross Cultural Integration by Satyabhusan Dash, Ed Bruning , and Kalyan Ku Guin, No.11

2006 (Volume 10)

Explaining Counterfeit Purchases - A Review and Preview by Martin Eisend and Pakize Schuchert-Güler, No. 10

Consumers’ Use of Nutritional Labels: A Review of Research Studies and Issues by Andreas C. Drichoutis, Panagiotis Lazaridis, and Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr., No. 9

Of Diamonds and Desires: Understanding Conspicuous Consumption from a Contemporary Marketing Perspective by Himadri Roy Chaudhuri and Sitanath Majumdar, No. 8

Performance Measurement System (PMS) Integration Into New Product Innovation: A Literature Review And Conceptual Framework by Ana Isabel Jiménez-Zarco, María Pilar Martínez-Ruiz, and Óscar González-Benito, 2006, No. 7

Children in Family Purchase Decision Making in India and the West: A Review by Pavleen Kaur and Raghbir Singh, No. 6

Dual Spousal Work Involvement: An Alternative Method to Classify Households/Families by Charles M. Schaninger and Sanjay Putrevu, No. 5

Female Franchisors: How Different Are They From Female Independent Business Owners? by Scott Weaven and Carmel Herington, No. 4

How Good A Shopper Am I? Conceptualizing Teenage Girls’ Perceived Shopping Competence by Lynnea Mallalieu and Kay M. Palan, No. 3

The Unfree Consumers: Consumption and Freedom Under Subaltern Conditions a video by Rohit Varman and Ram Manohar Vikas, No. 2- Real Player version - Windows Media version - text summary.

Recapturing Humanity: Embeddedness in Market Communities a video by Rohit Varman, Russell Belk, and Janeen Arnold Costa, No. 1- Real Player version - Windows Media version - text summary.

2005 Volume 9

Broadening the Competitive Environment: The Customer’s Perspective by Robert S. Heiser, Shaun McQuitty, and Andreas W. Stratemeyer, No. 12

The Success of a Retailer’s Ethical Policy: Focusing on Local Actions by Laure Lavorata and Suzanne Pontier, No. 11

Consumers’ Evaluation of Free Service Trial Offers by Krongjit Laochumnanvanit and David H. B. Bednall, No. 10

Dynamics of Trust Between Clients and Their Advertising Agencies: Advances in Performance Theory by Mark Davies and Melvin Prince, No. 9

Considerations of Equity in Marketing and Nozick's Decision-value Model byJohn O'Shaughnessy and Nicholas Jackson O’Shaughnessy, No. 8

Exploring Differences Between Older and Younger Consumers in Attributions of Blame for Product Harm Crises by Daniel Laufer, David H. Silvera, and Tracy Meyer, No. 7

Toward an Expanded Theory of Surrogate Consumption: Consideration of Consumer Choice and Choicelessness by Terrance G. Gabel, No. 6

Equity Sensitivity and Negotiation Behaviors: A Look at Mexican Exporters by Alma Mintu-Wimsatt, No. 5

Conceptualizing Ethnicity and Acculturation of Second Generation Asian Indians in Britain by Yasmin K. Sekhon and Isabelle Szmigin, No. 4

GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP co-editors, Marko Grunhagen and Fredric Kropp

Technological Entrepreneurship and Small Business Innovation Research Programs by Fredric Kropp and Roxanne Zolin, No. 3

Toward A Cultural Model of Indigenous Entrepreneurial Attitude by Noel J. Lindsay, No. 2

The International Business Environments of Franchising in Russia by Noora Anttonen, Mika Tuunanen, and Ilan Alon, No. 1

2004 Volume 8

Export Performance Measurement: An Evaluation of the Empirical Research in the Literature by Carlos M. P. Sousa, No. 9

The “E-Literature”: A Framework for Understanding the Accumulated Knowledge about Internet Marketing by Hande Kimiloglu, No. 8

A Model for Consumer Devotion: Affective Commitment with Proactive Sustaining Behaviors by Ronald W. Pimentel, and Kristy E. Reynolds, No. 7

Market-Driving Organizations: A Framework by François A. Carrillat, Fernando Jaramillo, William B. Locander, No. 6

A Market-Based Approach to Understanding Communication and Teamworking: A Multi-Disciplinary Literature Review by Linda D. Peters and Keith P. Fletcher, No. 5

An Integrative Review of Material Possession Attachment by Susan Schultz Kleine and Stacey Menzel Baker, No. 4


Culture's Role in Marketers' Ethical Decision Making: An Integrated Theoretical Framework by Katharina J. Srnka, No. 3

Exploring the Impact of Culture and Acculturation on Consumer Purchase Decisions: Toward a Microcultural Perspective by Denise T. Ogden, James R. Ogden, and Hope Jensen Schau, No. 2


Empirical Evidence of Long-Run Order in Retail Industry Dynamics by Robert E. Krider, No. 1

2003 Volume 7

Conceptualising 'Value for the Customer': An Attributional, Structural and Dispositional Analysis by Tony Woodall, No. 9

Is a Cigar Just a Cigar? A Glimpse at the New-Age Cigar Consumer by Michael S. LaTour, Tony L. Henthorne, and Kathryn A. Braun-LaTour, No. 8

Coping with Marketplace Discrimination: An Exploration of the Experiences of Black Men by David Crockett, Sonya A. Grier, and Jacqueline A. Williams, No. 7

Cultural Dimensions of Switching Behavior in Importer-Exporter Relationships by Mahesh N. Shankarmahesh, John B. Ford, and Michael S. LaTour, No. 6

Revisiting the Family Tree Historical and Future Consumer Behavior Research by Karin M. Ekström, No. 5

GENDER ISSUES IN CONSUMER RESEARCH, Editors: James Gentry, Seungwoo Chun, Suraj Commuri, Eileen Fischer, Sunkyu Jun, Lee McGinnis, Kay Palan, and Michal Strahilevitz

The Impact of Gender on Ad Processing: A Social Identity Perspective by Rachel Maldonado, Patriya Tansuhaj, and Darrel D. Muehling, No. 4

A Review of Gendered Consumption in Sport and Leisure by Lee McGinnis, Seungwoo Chun, and Julia McQuillan, No. 3

Review of Literature on Gender in the Family by James W. Gentry, Suraj Commuri, and Sunkyu Jun, No. 2


Adventures in Complexity: An Essay on Dynamic Open Complex Adaptive Systems, Butterfly Effects, Self-Organizing Order, Coevolution, the Ecological Perspective, Fitness Landscapes, Market Spaces, Emergent Beauty at the Edge of Chaos, and All That Jazz by Morris Holbrook, No. 1

2002 Volume 6

The Impact of Variety on Consumer Happiness: Marketing and the Tyranny of Freedom by Rémi Desmeules, No. 6

Learning in Strategic Alliances: An Evolutionary Perspective by Karthik Iyer, No. 5

GENDER ISSUES IN CONSUMER RESEARCH, Editors: James Gentry, Seungwoo Chun, Suraj Commuri, Eileen Fischer, Sunkyu Jun, Lee McGinnis, Kay Palan, and Michal Strahilevitz

Communicating with the Agentic Woman and the Communal Man:  Are Stereotypic Advertising Appeals Still Relevant by Maureen Hupfer, No. 4

Exploring Water Consumption Using a Gender Continuum: The Case of the American West by Teresa M. Pavia and Marlys Mason, No. 3

Gender Identity in Consumer Behavior Research: A Literature Review and Research Agenda by Kay M. Palan , No. 2

Exploring the Origins and Information Processing Differences Between Men and Women: Implications for Advertisers by Sanjay Putrevu, No. 1

2001 Volume 5

The Effects of Service Guarantees on External and Internal Markets by Rajiv Kashyap, No. 8

An Investigation into the Factors Determining the Success of Service Innovations: The Case of Motion Pictures by Thorsten Hennig-Thurau, Gianfranco Walsh, Oliver Wruck, No. 7

An Examination of the Pathways Through Which Social Class Impacts Health Outcomes by Paul Henry, No. 6

A Collective Stereographic Photo Essay on Key Aspects of Animal Companionship: The Truth About Dogs and Cats by Morris B. Holbrook, Debra Lynn Stephens, Ellen Day, Sarah M. Holbrook, and Gregor Straza, No. 5

Ethical Marketing for Competitive Advantage on the Internet by Claire Gauzente and Ashok Ranchhod, No. 4

Why Should Time be Considered in Market Orientation Research?" by Claire Gauzente, No. 3

MARKETING AND E-COMMERCE, Editors: George Zinkhan and Ed Rigdon

Regulatory Issues for Global E-Tailers: Marketing Implications by Heiko de B. Wijnholds and Michael W. Little, No. 2


Using Complex Systems Analysis to Advance Marketing Theory Development:  Modeling Heterogeneity Effects on New Product Growth through Stochastic Cellular Automata by Jacob Goldenberg, Barak Libai, and Eitan Muller, No. 1

2000 Volume 4

Systematically Varying Consumer Satisfaction and its Implications for Product Choice by Shaun McQuitty, Adam Finn, James B. Wiley, NO. 6

Opportunities for Family Research in Marketing by Suraj Commuri and James W. Gentry, No. 5

Towards a Theory-based Measure of Purchase Variation by Els Gijsbrechts, Katia Campo, and Patricia Nisol, No. 4

An Examination of the 'Sustainable Competitive Advantage' Concept: Past, Present, and Future by Nicole P. Hoffman, No. 3

Defining Consumer Satisfaction by Joan L. Giese and Joseph A. Cote, No. 2

Market Orientation: Toward an Integrated Framework by Richard A. Heiens, No. 1

1999 Volume 3

Strategic Marketing and the Resource Based View of the Firm by John Fahy and Alan Smithee, No. 4

Trade Show Performance: A Conceptual Framework and Its Implications for Future Research by Kåre Hansen, No. 3

The Evolving Nature of Branding: Consumer and Managerial Considerations by Martha R McEnally and L. de Chernatony, NO. 2

A Review and a Conceptual Framework of Prestige-Seeking Consumer Behavior by Franck Vigneron and Lester W. Johnson, No. 1
** Winner of best paper in the first 10 years of AMSR** What is Wrong about Being Uncomfortable? is their retrospective about writing this article.

1998 Volume 2

A Research Odyssey in Sales Management by Alan J. Dubinsky, No. 4

Marketing High Tech Products: Lessons in Customer Focus From the Marketplace by Deborah E. Rosen, Jonathan E. Schroeder, and Elizabeth F. Purinton, No. 3

Feelings Evoked by Warm, Erotic, Humorous or Non-Emotional Print Advertisements for Alcoholic Beverages by M. Geuens and P. De Pelsmacker, No. 2

Brand Extensions in a Competitive Context: Effects of Competitive Targets and Product Attribute Typicality on Perceived Quality by Jin K. Han, No. 1

1997 Volume 1

Three-Dimensional Stereographic Visual Displays in Marketing and Consumer Research by Morris Holbrook, No. 1

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